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REFERENCE NO.: PC/1998/2/2.2


Culture collections must insist on the availability of a minimum set of data supplied by the depositor for strain documentation. The information required may vary between collections.

The data given in the Accession Form should enable the collection to decide whether the plant cell line can be accepted or should be refused according to the criteria established. The Accession Form should also provide the information necessary for handling and preservation of cultures as well as information of interest to the scientific community. The information given in the Accession Form may be included in the catalogue of the collection.

The following information is generally requested. Additional questions may be included in the specific Accession Form of the collection.

  • Name of initial plant the culture has been established from
  • Authority for name
  • Other names
  • Strain name or number
  • Name and address of sender
  • Source of the initial plant
  • Date of initiation of the cell line
  • Who initiated the cell line
  • History of the cell line
  • Reason for deposit (patent/non patent)
  • Conditions for growing the cell line
  • Morphological, physiological and biochemical details available
  • Publications related to the cell line


The Accession Form should be supplied by the depositor about 4 weeks before sending the plant cell line to the collection. In case no Accession Form is supplied by the depositor a plant cell line cannot be accepted for deposit.

The Accession Form is shown in PC/1998/2/2.2 Appendix 1.

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by DSMZ, 20 Jan. 1998
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