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M/1998/2.05 Appendix 2

Procedure for preliminary quality check of bacteria


1 All cultures sent to the collection for deposit able to grow on agar media are tested for purity as soon as the Accession Form has arrived. Media as given in the Accession Form should be used. Methods available for viability and purity checking are detailed in collection specific protocols. Additional characteristics may be studied.

2 The appearance of colonies, if applicable, is recorded in form.

3 The morphology of the cells is studied according to specific protocols of the collection. With the exception of Gram reaction, motility and demonstration of flagella, the cell morphology is usually studied on agar coated slides using a phase contrast microscope and an oil immersion objective.

4 The morphology of the cells is documented by phase contrast photomicrography using agar coated slides.

5 After the strain has passed preliminary quality control, the species name and the strain designation is entered into the Accessioning Book [M/1998/2.02 Appendix 2]. An accession number is allocated to the strain. The strain designation on the record file is replaced by the accession number of the strain.

6 A standard letter is send to the depositor communicating the accession number of the strain deposited [M/1998/2.07 Appendix 1].

7 If there is a failure in the preliminary quality control check, the depositor is informed by letter. A replacement culture from the same strain is requested.

After arrival of a replacement culture, the procedure starts again as described in the Flow Chart for Accession M/1998/2.00 Appendix 1. The original culture, all subcultures and preserved cultures of the first deposit are destroyed.

If the depositor is unable to supply a replacement culture of the strain, then the accession procedure is halted. All existing cultures of the original deposited strain are destroyed. The record file with strain documents is retained.

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