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PC/1998/2/2 Appendix 1




Pccx.Byy 144 DD.MM.YYYY

Dear Madam/Sir

Our institute <Name of institute> is a major public center for genetic resources for biotechnological application in Europe. Besides microorganisms, fungi, yeasts, plant viruses, human and animal cell lines the collection centre is also running a collection of undifferentiated plant cell lines.

The cell cultures can be maintained frozen as well as in the living state. The standard growth conditions are 24C, dark or continuous light of ca. 600 lux, 40 % rel. humidity in the culture room. Quality control is provided by a regular check of growth and morphological parameters and storage of these characteristics in a database as well as by "chemical fingerprints" obtained from the reversed phase HPLC analysis of methanolic extracts.

The cell cultures maintained in our collection are distributed to clients without any restrictions. Delivery of cultures requires payment to <Name of institute> of a fee of <price> for profit and for <price> for non-profit institutions.

We believe that the cell line <name and designation> established in your laboratory is also of high general interest for fundamental and applied research. We appreciate if you could agree to deposit your cell line in our collection thereby making it available to the scientific community.

The cell line will be included in our catalogue. Catalogues are available in printed form as well as on our Internet homepage. If your agree to hand your culture over to our collections please fill out the attached accession form and send it back to <Name of institute> 4 weeks before dispatch of the culture.

If you do not agree to deposit your culture in our collection we would be grateful to get a short note by mail, phone, fax or e-mail.

We look forward to hearing from you and remain

Yours Sincerely



<Name responsible>

<Name of institute>

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