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M/1998/2.00 Appendix 2.2

Accession criteria of the CBS for new deposits of microorganisms

The CBS accepts cultures of fungi and yeasts, when they comply with a least one of the following criteria:

  • The taxon is not represented in the CBS collection, or only with a single strain, or the material preserved at CBS is no longer considered 'typical'.
  • The strain has been derived from type material or can be considered a reference strain, either by a taxonomic working group or indicated in an important publication or in test procedures (quality control, susceptibility tests etc.).
  • The strain has been used in important taxonomical, biomedical, or biotechnological research (published or publication in preparation).
  • The strain has an economic importance.
  • The strain is isolated from an interesting geographic origin or ecological niche.
  • The strain is important for current research at the CBS.

Moreover the strain should:

  • Be pure or a parasite on a specified host.
  • Be accompanied by sufficient and pertinent information.

The final decision on acceptance or refusal lays with the curator.

All risk groups in the fungal kingdom can be handled.

Maintenance deposits, safe deposits and patent deposits do not have to comply with these criteria.

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by DSMZ, CBS and BCCM, 17 May 1998
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