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M/1998/2.00 Appendix 2.1

BCCM Accession criteria for new deposits of microorganisms


BCCMTM accepts:

Bacteria of risk groups 1 and 2 according to the European classification system* (BCCMTM/LMG),

Filamentous and yeast fungi of agricultural or industrial importance of risk groups 1 according to the European classification system* (BCCMTM/MUCL),

- Filamentous and yeast fungi of biomedical or related environmental importance (BCCMTM/IHEM),

Plasmids belonging to category 1 and 2 according to the United Kingdom Advisory Committee on Genetic Manipulation (ACGM).

* Council directive 93/88/EEC, Official Journal of the European Communities N L268, 29.10.1993, p. 71)

Taxonomical and other reference strains (e.g. type strains).

Strains used in national or international test procedures (e.g. reference strains for national and international quality control regulations or susceptibility tests).

Strains with special properties such as the production of enzymes, degradation of pollutants, etc., or strains occurring in interesting niches.

Strains that are used in research projects.

Cultures sent for deposit must be pure cultures or defined mixed cultures. It must be possible to preserve the deposited material by freeze-drying or cryopreservation without significant change.

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by DSMZ, CBS and BCCM, 17 May 1998
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