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NameCollection NumberType
AU2 LMBP 7766 Plasmid
BH20 LMBP 7765 Plasmid
Col1a1 5'pEntry LMBP 9521 Plasmid
colE1-kam LMBP 7998 Plasmid
Cre excised pCOIN DV LMBP 8191 Plasmid
Cre excised pRMCE DV1 LMBP 8195 Plasmid
Cre excised RMCE-hA20 LMBP 9060 Plasmid
Cre excised RMCE-hA20 DUBmut LMBP 9061 Plasmid
Cre excised RMCE-hA20 ZF4 mut LMBP 9062 Plasmid
Cre excised RMCE-hA20 ZF4/7 mut LMBP 9064 Plasmid
Cre excised RMCE-hA20 ZF7 mut LMBP 9063 Plasmid
E40 inv- (pLJM4029) LMBP 9295 Plasmid
E40 inv- (pLJM4031) LMBP 9280 Plasmid
E40 inv- (pLJM4032) LMBP 9285 Plasmid
F lacZ::Tn9 LMBP 7987 Plasmid
F-pro-lacZ::Mu3A LMBP 7996 Plasmid
F104 LMBP 8029 Plasmid
F110 LMBP 8030 Plasmid
Flac-pro LMBP 8000 Plasmid
FlacproMu18ACm LMBP 7989 Plasmid
gGFP LMBP 8052 Plasmid
LNXCO3 LMBP 4228 Plasmid
LNXCO4 LMBP 4229 Plasmid
LNXRO2 LMBP 4227 Plasmid

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July 2018

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