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Plant cell     Berberidaceae

NameCollection Number
Berberis aggregata Schneid.DSM PC-392
Berberis aggregata Schneid. var. prattii (Schneid.) SchneidDSM PC-393
Berberis aggregata Schneid. var. recurataDSM PC-394
Berberis amurensis Rupr.DSM PC-395
Berberis angulosa Wall.ex PC-396
Berberis aristata DC.DSM PC-398
Berberis bretschneideri Rehd.DSM PC-404
Berberis canadensis Mill.DSM PC-405
Berberis candidula Schneid.DSM PC-406
Berberis chinensis hort.Paris.ex Poir.DSM PC-408
Berberis circumserrata Schneid.DSM PC-409
Berberis concinna Hook. f.DSM PC-410
Berberis crataegina DC.DSM PC-413
Berberis crataegina DC.DSM PC-412
Berberis darwinii Hook.DSM PC-415
Berberis diaphana Maxim.DSM PC-417
Berberis dictyophylla Franch.DSM PC-419
Berberis dictyophylla Franch.DSM PC-420
Berberis dielsiana FeddeDSM PC-421
Berberis francisci-fernandi Schneid.DSM PC-425
Berberis gilgiana Schneid.DSM PC-426
Berberis giraldii HesseDSM PC-427
Berberis heteropoda Schrenk ex Mey.DSM PC-431
Berberis julianae Schneid.DSM PC-433
Berberis lycium RoyleDSM PC-438
Berberis lycium RoyleDSM PC-439
Berberis lycium RoyleDSM PC-437
Berberis lycium Royle var. atropurpureaDSM PC-440
Berberis papilliferaDSM PC-447
Berberis paravirescensDSM PC-448
Berberis prattii Schneid.DSM PC-393
Berberis sibirica Pall.DSM PC-453
Berberis stenophyllaDSM PC-457
Berberis thaliensis Schneid.DSM PC-460
Berberis turcomanica DC.DSM PC-461
Berberis vulgaris L.DSM PC-1123
Berberis vulgaris L.DSM PC-464
Berberis vulgaris L.DSM PC-463
Berberis x ottawensis Schneid.DSM PC-446
Mahonia nervosa (Pursh) Nutt.DSM PC-707
Nandina domestica Thunb. ex Murr.DSM PC-732
Podophyllum emodi Wall. ex Hook. f. et Thoms.DSM PC-812
Podophyllum emodi Wall. ex Hook. f. et Thoms.DSM PC-813
Podophyllum emodi Wall. ex Hook. f. et Thoms.DSM PC-811
Podophyllum hexandrum RoyleDSM PC-812
Podophyllum hexandrum RoyleDSM PC-813
Podophyllum hexandrum RoyleDSM PC-811
Podophyllum peltatum L.DSM PC-815

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January 2020

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