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January 2020

NCCB Phabagen Phages

Address NCCB
P.O. Box 85167
NL-3508 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Fax +31-(0)30-2122601
Email sales@wi.knaw.nl
WWW https://wi.knaw.nl/NCCB_plasmid_table
Conditions -
Contact Person Marian Figge (NCCB@wi.knaw.nl, phone: +31-(0)30-2122634)

Additional Database Information NCCB_PHAGES

Example of an entry from the NCCB_PHAGES catalogue:

Collection_number NCCB 3032
Name M13mp10
Type phage
Other_collection_numbers PC-V3032
Restricted_distribution No
Literature Messing, J. et al., Methods Enzymol. (1983) 101:20-78
History_of_deposit -
Host_for_propagation Escherichia coli F', F+ or Hfr
Host_used_for_propagation Escherichia coli JM105 = NCCB 2492
Lysogenicity No
Virus_used_for -
Cell_surface_receptor F-pili
Medium Medium 171
Class Recombinant
Host_for_selection lacZdelM15 host (F', F+ or Hfr), supE, lacIq
Plaque_forming_phage No
Clear_plaque_morphology No
Nucleic_acid_type DNA,single stranded,circular
Cloned_gene lacZalpha
Restriction_sites (U,I(lacZalpha)): AccI, BamHI, EcoRI, HindII, HindIII, PstI, SacI, SalI, SmaI, XbaI
Price_code 1

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