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Last revised:
January 2020

DSMZ Plasmid Collection

Address Leibniz-Institut DSMZ - Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbH
Inhoffenstr. 7B
D - 38124 Braunschweig - Germany
Phone +49(0)531 26 16 - 220
Fax +49(0)531 26 16 - 418
Email Dr Christine Rohde (christine.rohde@dsmz.de)
WWW http://www.dsmz.de
Conditions -
Contact Person Dr Christine Rohde (christine.rohde@dsmz.de)
Additional Database Information DSMZ_PLASMID

Example of an entry from the DSMZ_PLASMID catalogue.

Collection_number DSM 10136
Name pLB1
Other_culture_collection_numbers ATCC 37393
Type plasmid
Class recombinant
Literature -
History_of_deposit <- ATCC <- P.E. Bishop
Restricted_distribution yes: GEM (C)
Host_for_distribution Escherichia coli K12 HB101
Medium 381, 37C
Selectable_phenotype -
Replicon -
Host_range -
Properties_and_applications -
Cloned_gene Apr, Tcr
Further_information Clone contains nifK (dinitrogenase reductase) gene of Azotobacter vinelandii. The 2.6 kb insert can be excised with EcoRI. Vector: pBR325.

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