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Last revised:
January 2020

BCCM/LMG Bacterial Database

Address BCCM/LMG Bacteria Collection
Laboratorium voor Microbiologie
Universiteit Gent
K.L.Ledeganckstraat 35
B-9000 Gent
Phone +32/9-2645108
Fax +32/9-2645346
Email bccm.lmg@ugent.be
WWW http://bccm.belspo.be/about-us/bccm-lmg
Conditions Orders from new clients should be sent by mail or by telefax on an official requisition form or letterhead, signed by an authorised person, and should be addressed to the Curator.

Orders by telephone must be confirmed by mail or telefax.

All details on shipmeny and invoicing should be provided upon ordering.

If applicable import permit and mailing tags should be provided by client.

Urgent orders can be forwarded by private carrier at extra costs for the client.

Along with the first delivery the client will receive the customer number allocated to his company/laboratory.

This customer number is needed for ordering by E-mail, via the BCCM™ WWW site or via the CABRI WWW site.

Contact Person D. Janssens
Additional Database Information BCCM_LMG

Example of an entry from the BCCM_LMG catalogue.

Strain_number LMG 1(t1)
Other_collection_numbers CCUG 34964; NCIB 12128
Restrictions Biohazard group 1
Organism_type Bacteria
Name Phyllobacterium rubiacearum, (ex Knösel 1962) Knösel 1984 VL
Infrasubspecific_names -
Status Type strain
History <- 1973, D.Knösel
Conditions_for_growth Medium 1, 25C
Form_of_supply Dried
Isolated_from Pavetta zimmermannia
Geographic_origin Germany, Stuttgart-Hohenheim
Remarks Stable colony type isolated from LMG 1. See also Agrobacterium sp. LMG 1(t2)

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