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Plant viruses     Potyvirus

NameAccession Number
''Carrot Virus Y''DSMZ PV-0759
''Centrosema Potyvirus''DSMZ PV-0784
''Yam mild mosaic Virus''DSMZ PV-0828
Alstroemeria mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0328
Amaranthus leaf mottle virusDSMZ PV-0363
Bean common mosaic necrosis virusDSMZ PV-0834
Bean common mosaic necrosis virusDSMZ PV-0464
Bean common mosaic necrosis virusDSMZ PV-0413
Bean common mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0462
Bean common mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0463
Bean common mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0411
Bean common mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0412
Bean common mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0337
Bean common mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0338
Bean yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0717
Bean yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0471
Bean yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0470
Bean yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0469
Bean yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0287
Beet mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0791
Beet mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0065
Bidens mottle virusDSMZ PV-0752
Carnation vein mottle virusDSMZ PV-0251
Celery mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0294
Chilli veinal mottle virusDSMZ PV-0315
Chilli veinal mottle virusDSMZ PV-0255
Clover yellow vein virusDSMZ PV-0848
Clover yellow vein virusDSMZ PV-0367
Colombian datura virusDSMZ PV-0602
Colombian datura virusDSMZ PV-0373
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0707
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0417
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0438
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0442
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0396
Dipladenia mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0289
Endive necrotic mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0754
Endive necrotic mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0456
Johnsongrass mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0803
Leek yellow stripe virusDSMZ PV-0623
Leek yellow stripe virusDSMZ PV-0460
Leek yellow stripe virusDSMZ PV-0461
Leek yellow stripe virusDSMZ PV-0451
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0806
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0799
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0777
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0465
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0296
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0297
Lettuce mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0286
Lily mottle virusDSMZ PV-0455
Maize dwarf mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0802
Moroccan watermelon mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0747
Moroccan watermelon mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0481
Moroccan watermelon mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0480
Onion yellow dwarf virusDSMZ PV-0447
Papaya ringspot virusDSMZ PV-0572
Papaya ringspot virusDSMZ PV-0401
Papaya ringspot virusDSMZ PV-0402
Papaya ringspot virusDSMZ PV-0244
Papaya ringspot virusDSMZ PV-0099
Passion fruit woodiness virusDSMZ PV-0292
Pea seed-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0317
Pea seed-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0301
Pea seed-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0302
Pea seed-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0303
Pea seed-borne mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0316
Peanut mottle virusDSMZ PV-0092
Pepper mottle virusDSMZ PV-0256
Pepper severe mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0405
Pepper veinal mottle virusDSMZ PV-0563
Pepper veinal mottle virusDSMZ PV-0551
Pepper veinal mottle virusDSMZ PV-0257
Peru tomato mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0743
Peru tomato mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0744
Peru tomato mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0745
Peru tomato mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0399
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0430
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0305
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0233
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0214
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0213
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0212
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0211
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0209
Plum pox virusDSMZ PV-0001
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0760
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0761
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0762
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0764
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0765
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0766
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0767
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0775
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0774
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0773
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0772
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0771
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0770
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0769
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0768
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0763
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0535
Potato virus ADSMZ PV-0320
Potato virus VDSMZ PV-0319
Potato virus VDSMZ PV-0318
Potato virus VDSMZ PV-0225
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0722
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0579
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0403
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0410
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0446
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0348
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0346
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0342
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0343
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0344
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0345
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0327
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0325
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0326
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0321
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0322
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0323
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0324
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0078
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0025
Potato virus YDSMZ PV-0026
Shallot yellow stripe virusDSMZ PV-0452
Sorghum mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0801
Soybean mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0841
Soybean mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0796
Soybean mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0543
Sugarcane mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0731
Sugarcane mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0368
Sweet potato feathery mottle virusDSMZ PV-0553
Tobacco etch virusDSMZ PV-0308
Tobacco vein banding mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0721
Tobacco vein banding mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0254
Tobacco vein mottling virusDSMZ PV-0253
Turnip mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0104
Turnip mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0054
Watermelon mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0394
Wild potato mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0414
Wild potato mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0248
Yam mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0556
Yam mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0435
Yam mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0106
Zucchini yellow fleck virusDSMZ PV-0379
Zucchini yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0466
Zucchini yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0416
Zucchini yellow mosaic virusDSMZ PV-0382

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January 2020

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